Thursday, August 30, 2012

                                                            Love Dance

Love Dance is the charming and energetic romance experience, that grabs you beat by beat into its intimate getaway of unique sound. Sure to amorously excite and make you dance! All with a hot and generous dose of absolute love.

This “Hot” new CD from Papa Soul is all about 2 words,.. Love and Dance!!!,..

From the very beginning this music had a mission, to fill you with all things romantic and make you dance.
Smooth, visual, & sexy,.. stimulating, inviting, & exciting.
"Love Dance" was designed with you in mind, just for the purpose of fun and romance.
With so much of the regular drama to spoil your mood ,. Why not share in the love that lifts you up!
As it naturally and energetically charms and excites you, song by song, word by word,
and note by sweet exciting note to remind you of what’s most important.
Getting back to the love, joy, dance, and romantic passion.
You know,.. the good stuff that we have all been blessed with here on this earth that makes our world really go round.
“Love Dance” charmingly celebrates the love and beauty in you.
With 16 original songs of real music composition and instrumentation.
”Love Dance” is sure to entertain and speak directly to the sexy romantic in you.
This music was designed to pleasantly and intentionally stimulate your arousal.
With provocative and sensually uninhibited lyrics crafted to design.
Ladies and Gentlemen, music like this was never created for the love of riches,
But was made only from the riches of heart and soul for the love.
Wait no longer,.. get all the love that’s here for you.
Do your dance & party with this musical recipe for Intimacy and all that follows in your bedroom,..
With the all new- "Love Dance"- ENJOY!!!

Written, produced, performed by: Nosakhere Papa Soul- (C)2012PapaSoulProductions.

Exciting "Love Dance" video preview here

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Papa Soul: Love Dance